Sam Smith Thinks Tinder And Grindr Are “Ruining Romance”

Get off your phone if you want a piece of Sam Smith. The British crooner likes to meet guys in the flesh and spoke out against hook-up apps during an interview at V Festival. “No offense to people who go on Tinder but I just feel like it’s ruining romance,” he is reported as saying. “We’re losing the art of conversation and being able to go and speak to people.”

But that’s not all. The “Stay With Me” hitmaker also thinks sex apps are making people more superficial. “From my experience, the most beautiful people I’ve been on dates with are the dumbest, so why would I swipe people (a reference to the selection process on Tinder) who are unattractive when I could potentially fall in love with them?” The 22-year-old reasoned. “Stop Tinder and Grindr!”

Sam needs to chill. In this day and age, most of us know couples who met online or via a hook-up app. It might not be his idea of a fairytale romance but they seem pretty happy to me. Do you agree with his stance or is it a little naive in 2014? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Metro].

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