Nick Jonas Debuts New Song “Teacher” Off Self-Titled Solo Album: Listen

There’s been absolutely no shortage of Nick Jonas lately, for both our ears and our eyes — and we’re certainly not complaining.

With his debut solo album just days away (out November 11), the “Jealous” crooner has just dropped another treat for fans on iTunes called “Teacher,” written alongside the same songwriting team behind his murky R&B debut, “Chains.”

“Right when I think I finally got you figured out, you turn around and blow my mind,” the crooner starts above the song’s kicky pulse, giving just a little bit of that Prince funkiness in the process. Things get even sexier as he heads into the chorus: “It’s like your mama never taught you how to love…so let me teach ya,” he purrs before the song breaks into a joyous beat breakdown. Oh mah, oh mah, oh mah God! Sounds like a real smash to us. Listen to “Teacher” after the jump!

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