New Find: MLHLND’s Debut Single “Clothes Off” Is A Dreamy Synth-Pop Delight

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If his debut single “Clothes Off” is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before MLHLND goes global like fellow Australians Vance Joy, Chet Faker and Flume. Of those three artists, the latter is the closest reference point to the Sydney-based newcomer, but he really occupies an entirely new space with his dreamy synths, R&B-influenced vocal style and bold pop sensibility.

A steamy bedroom romp, “Clothes Off” sounds like ’80s Prince on acid. “I wanna see you with your clothes off, I wanna see with my sex on you,” MLHLND sings in his occasionally wavering falsetto over cascading synths and melodic keys. It’s intentionally rough around the edges, which only adds to its bedroom-pop appeal. Listen to the rising star’s very, very good debut single after the jump.

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