Kylie Minogue Is Shooting A New Video, But For What?

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Here’s some last-minute good news in 2014 for all the lovers out there: Kylie Minogue is shooting a brand new video!

According to Blake McGrath, the Kiss Me Once diva has called upon the dancer/choreographer to work on a new video, which will shoot tomorrow. “Excited to be choreographing a video for one of the biggest pop icons in the world tomorrow. Her name is Kylie Minogue and we’re going in,” he excitedly tweeted today. But the question is…for what? Could it be another one of the songs off of her Fernando Garibay-produced surprise EP tied into the Kiss Me Once Tour? Or perhaps a new single off of her latest LP? Or perhaps is it for her upcoming Giorgio Moroder collaboration? In any case, there’s no doubt it’ll be a glittering affair.

Leave your best guesses after the jump, and check out Kylie’s Sleepwalker mini-film below.