Whatcha Say: Madonna, Nicki Minaj And Janet Jackson Got Our Readers Talking

14 Best Pop EPs Of 2014
Idolator's editors select the best pop EPs of 2014.

Welp, we’re almost there Idolator readers: It’s nearly the end of 2014! But of course, our favorite pop acts aren’t giving us even a moment to rest.

This week saw the debut of both Charli XCX‘s Sucker and Nicki Minaj‘s The Pinkprint, two of the year’s most anticipated pop releases. But there weren’t just anticipated pop releases! Unfortunately, a whole album’s worth of demos from Madonna‘s forthcoming record spilled out onto the Internet. Eep!

And, of course, we’re winding down the year by taking a look back through the best releases of 2014 here at Idolator, including our 20 Best Singles of ’14, the Best EPs of ’14 and the results of our Readers’ Poll for the Top 10 Albums of 2014. Did your faves get selected?

As always, you guys had plenty say. Check out some of the week’s best and worst comments after the jump. Have a good weekend!

:: Mat P was pretty upset by the Madonna leak on Madonna’s New Album Leaks Way, Way Ahead Of Schedule: “Heartbroken for her. These are some of the most beautiful songs of her career: Joan of Ark, Borrowed Time. There’s some great songwriting throughout, classic Madonna subject matter, witty, topical, political and spiritual. And some of the dance tracks are really fierce. Her untouched voice also sounds amazing. Hard to believe some of these are demos they’re so good. Finally a return to form after a couple of disappointing LPs. Lots of people are saying this is her best work in years. I agree.”

:: While Andy D had A LOT TO SAY on the matter: “This might be the best thing that have ever happened to her. Because according to the song titles and the people she has worked with this is going to be as equally bad as her MDNA disaster. MDNA was the worst album of her career and I think almost everyone agrees here: It was dated, it was boring, nothing was left of Madonna as a trendsetter … instead she was chasing other people’s trends (who put out these music five years before she did). For example EVERYONE in the business had paired up with Nicky Minaj by then – and what did Madonna do? She hired her too – very original. I’m not surprised the single and album was such a huge flop despite the big Super Bowl advertisement. If she is clever she is going to offer all these songs for free for her fans for Christmas and then starts to work on a new album with Stephen Bray and Patrick Leonard soon and entitled is BACK TO THE 80s or BACK TO ZERO or whatever.”

:: And Az Butterfield worried about the overall destruction heading our way: “If she smashed an iPod when two tracks leaked, what’s she going to do about this? Destroy Apple headquarters?”

:: When Madonna responded, CA_Dreamin felt her pain on Madonna Responds To The Early Leak Of Her Album: “I can see her frustration…. this project is actually one of her best since Ray of Light or Music. These song even in their un-edited state are amazing! I’m not gonna lie, I’ll wait as long as she wants to release the official project, but i’m praying it’s sooner than later! ‘Make the Devil Pray’ is destroying me right now!”

:: Hannah couldn’t control her excitement for the return of Carly Rae on Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Single Is Called “I Really Like You” According To Interscope’s Promotional Website: “CARLY SLAY JEPSUS COMING TO SAVE POP MUSIC IN 2K15″

:: lordh was touched by Janet Jackson‘s charity work on Janet Jackson Makes A Rare Public Appearance, Visits Children At Unicef Refugee Camp In Syria, but saddened by the lack of media attention: “The thing that saddens me the most about this is this is a wonderful news story that few are latching onto. because its not showing her in a negative light, though some on here: Andy Diamond- clearly want to find a way to spin it that way. When they thought she had a botched plastic surgery job (which ended up being more a bad makeup job than anything else)- the news sites were like hounds trying to search out a story. yet with this lovely little story showing her continued humanitarian activities- crickets pretty much. people want the bad news, they wanna find some dirt and that’s what is wrong with a lot of the world. not enough rejoicing but def plenty of down putting. Do your thing miss janet! tho we do hope you come back with some good music. not commercial crap. do a D’Angelo and just put out a good album!”

:: While Sean was focused on the nostalgia: “I really do miss janet. it would be a 2015 miracle if she released anything new. have been waiting for my fave for a long time now.”

:: Lashan is frustrated with Kylie‘s success at the moment on Kylie Minogue’s New Video Is For Her Upcoming Collaboration With Giorgio Moroder, According To (Another) Tweet: “Kylie has been the butt end (intended) of the pop world as of late.She released an excellent album,which was overlooked by the majority,she is beautiful humble witty and loyal to her fan base…yet her star has been on the decline for a number of years….She needs a massive successful single to kill it again!!! PS no grammy brit or Aria nomination) its annoying!!!Watch her old interviews!!She is more stunning and fit than pop tarts half her age!!!”

:: Bello Russo took one look at 2014′s Best Pop Singles: Idolator Editors Pick 20 Favorites and decided: “According to this list, 2014 was a terrible year for pop music.”

:: Christopher S. was pleasantly surprised with The Pinkprint on Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Pinkprint’: Album Review: “What can I say, I didn’t think any of Nicki’s albums had more than 2 good songs on them. This one has 6 really strong songs. I’m not including the songs already released as singles. Favorite…well the name of that song says it.”

:: As did Jay: “I think most casual fans of Nicki’s (you know, the ones who prefer “Anaconda” or “Super Bass,” not to say those songs aren’t good) will be disappointed. This album, while it does has its flaws, is more focused than “Reloaded.” While I think she hyped up the album just a tad, it is an album she needed to make after taking so much flack for her previous album. It does lack an obvious “Anaconda” type hit, but I don’t think she’s worried about that. She’s never seemed to focused to have radio hit after radio hit like Iggy Azalea seems to be. She’s more of an album artist, and this album proves it.”

:: And Pablo R. praised the quantity: “What I like about Nicki’s albums is that this bitch gives you like 20+ songs. So even if you don’t like all of the songs, you’re guaranteed to at least like a few.”

:: And finally, Hannah was fed up with both Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks in their ongoing beef on Iggy Azalea Continues Her Never-Ending Feud With Azealia Banks: See The Aussie’s Tweets: “Iggy is missing the point and really needs to understand the culture she’s appropriating and how she’s doing it and how it makes others feel, but Banks is doing any favors by attacking Iggy personally. It sucks that Banks is talking about an important issue but she lessens that issue by being mean and ugly. I’m so done with both.”