Iamamiwhoami To Release ‘BLUE’ Film In February

Iamamiwhoami Closes 'Blue' LP With "Shadowshow"
Watch the strange and beautiful video for the last chapter from iamamiwhoami's LP.

After closing out their latest LP BLUE with the gorgeous “shadowshow” visual at the end of December, the ever-mysterious Swedish audio-visual project iamamiwhoami led by songstress Jonna Lee and producer Claes Björklund is now turning their latest album into a film.

The film version of BLUE, which is available to pre-order as a DVD today, will also premiere on Vimeo, as well as their official website on February 17. The cinematic experience include the 10 visual episodes released throughout 2014 including “fountain,” “vista” and “hunting for pearls,” along with new material that promises to connect the episodes, plus bonus song/video, “dive.”

Iamamiwhoami fans, will you be tuning in for the troupe’s latest visual experience? Sound off in the comments below.