Dawn Richard Reunites With Ex-Danity Kane Diva Aundrea Fimbres On Excellent Synth-Ballad “Phoenix”: Listen

Dawn Richard's "Blow" Video
Dawn Richard bounces back with a new video and solo album. Watch "Blow" and see her LP artwork.

Dawn Richard bounced back from Danity Kane‘s ill-fated reunion without missing a beat. The stunning 31-year-old simply returned to her solo career (she was the only member that had one) and put the finishing touches on third album BlackHeart (due January 15). So what can we expect from the diva’s latest offering? There’s a healthy dose of electronica and alt-R&B — not to mention a power ballad with friend/former-bandmate Aundrea Fimbres.

“Phoenix” is the musical equivalent of a raised middle finger aimed directly at Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex. It’s also an exceedingly good electro-ballad with an uplifting message and powerful vocals. “You wanted me gone like the stars hidden behind the glowing sun,” Dawn sings over understated piano before drums and synths kick in for the soaring chorus about finding redemption. Think of this as a self-empowerment mantra and kiss-off anthem all rolled into one! Listen after the jump.

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