Madonna Talks The Infamous Britney Spears Kiss & Simulates Masturbation On ‘Le Grand Journal’ Question Box: Watch

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Among other things, Madonna is hands down the Queen of Shock Factor when it comes to music and pop culture! After her killer “Living For Love” performance on Le Grand Journal in France, the singer stepped inside the show’s infamous “Question Box” to answer some naughty inquires.

The questions started out quite innocent, like “How do you seduce with your eyes” and “Is Britney Spears a good kisser?” — she answered “Hell to the yea!” to the latter. But the last one is the kicker! When asked “You’re the Queen of Provocation. Demo?”, the legendary diva proceeds to slowly put her hand in between her thighs while displaying the ultimate “I know you want this” look on her face. Let’s all thank Yeezus for this gem of a moment that could only be accepted in places like France (us Americans can be such prudes)!

Madonna kicks off her Rebel Heart North American tour this summer, so we’re hoping she continues to rattle people’s wigs like this while on stage instead of falling off of them.

Watch the clip up top, and let us know if Madge got you all hot and bothered in the comments below!

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