Aimée Osbourne’s “Raining Gold” Video: Watch The Dark Clip For The Catchy ARO Song

Turns out Kelly Osbourne isn’t the only daughter of Ozzy with musical aspirations. (By the way, let’s all raise a glass, 10 years later, to the still-fantastic “One Word” — and R.I.P. Steve Strange.) For this week, Aimée Obsourne has premiered “Raining Gold,” the first single off an upcoming EP by her musical project ARO.

If you don’t recall the 31-year-old sister of Jack and Kelly from The Osbournes, it’s because she refused to be on camera during the series’ four-season run on MTV, between 2002 and 2005. Aimée is now launching herself into the world as an artist in her own right, and the synthy, dirge-like “Raining Gold” is her introduction. You can catch the slightly disturbing, bloody visual for the song above.

“The ‘Raining Gold’ video naturally took on one of the messages behind the song, which is you should never assume anything about someone or a situation just because it looks a certain way on the surface,” Aimée said to Rolling Stone. “It’s also about coming to the realization that it’s a choice to allow someone or something to control you. I’ve experienced that a lot, from both sides. I think most people have, yet it’s one of the loneliest things in the world to feel.”

The “Raining Gold” video was directed by Steven Susser.

[Via Blabbermouth]

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