Iamamiwhoami Announce Live Online Concert, ‘CONCERT IN BLUE’

Iamamiwhoami Releases 'BLUE' Film Theme Song
iamamiwhoami has unveiled their film 'BLUE', which contains 11 of the troupe's visuals connected into one story.

Following the release of their full-length film BLUE in February, Swedish audio-visual project iamamiwhoami, the brainchild of Jonna Lee, Claes Björklund and directors collective WAVE, will be hosting an online concert called CONCERT IN BLUE on April 29 at 11 PM GMT +1 on their website towhomitmayconcern.cc – and they want your help.

“Across the bottomless blue/seeking the truth i turn to you/reflected back in all your shine/a making of your design/we ask you to share a part of yourself/to do so, contact: concertinblue@towhomitmayconcern.cc,” the troupe writes in their performance announcement. For what? Who knows. But if you’re a fan, you ought to reach out!

CONCERT IN BLUE will be iamamiwhoami’s second web performance. Back in 2010, the troupe made their live debut with in concert inside of a forest. Where will they end up next? Will you be tuning in?