Nick Jonas Joins Sage The Gemini On “Good Thing”: Listen

Nick Jonas's New "Chains" Video
The boy band member-turned-heartthrob throws a rave in Tthe Wynwood Walls edition.

Sage the Gemini teams up with Nick Jonas on “Good Thing,” a new track that popped up online yesterday (April 4).

“Y’all already know me, S-A-G-E,” the Bay Area rapper says over synths and finger snaps, even though this collaboration shows a whole new side of him. While Sage the Gemini is largely nonplussed in breakout dance hits “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose,” he actually sounds remorseful as he tries to convince someone not to break up with him. As Jonas sings at the bridge and hook, he knows what’s at stake: “This ain’t nothing but dangerous / We about to be over and / why can’t it just be what it is?”

While “Gas Pedal” eventually cracked the Top 40, “Good Thing” is proof that Sage the Gemini can actually write hit material if he so desires. Listen to his unexpected collaboration with Nick Jonas below.

[via Ultimate Music]

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