PHASES’ Summery, Synth-Pop Single “Betty Blue”: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | May 12, 2015 8:57 am

PHASES are a group you might want to get up to speed on — scratch that; you need to know about them.

Their gorgeously synthy pop confection “Betty Blue,” which Idolator is premiering today, sounds like it could have been jacked from any radio station’s playlist in 1982, but nah — it’s here just in time for summer 2015, courtesy of  the quartet, members of which were previously involved in the band JJAMZ.

Z Berg, Alex Greenwald, Jason Boesel, and Michael Runion, who make up PHASES, truly tap into our collective longing for summer days and ice-packed coolers under the sun with “Betty Blue,” a tune that Greenwald himself produced.

“We did a lot of hanging out,” Greenwald says of than band’s most recent recording process. “The sessions were very conducive to putting something on the projector and talking about sounds. We got a big kick out of watching a lot of Tron and Total Recall.”

Give “Betty Blue” a listen above, and let us know below if it’s got you revved up for the warm days ahead.