Haley Georgia Makes A Great First Impression With Her “Ridiculous” Video: Idolator Premiere

Haley Georgia does country a little differently. Take debut single “Ridiculous.” The 20-year-old sing/talks the exasperated verses (it’s a biting/hilarious kiss-off anthem), uses lashings of millennial slang and blends hip-hop drums with a mandolin melody. If Kesha or Dev moved to Nashville, they might sound a little something like this. Although, they would probably struggle with the twangy chorus, which proves she can do straight country as well as any big-haired, guitar-slinging diva.

The Houston native’s cheeky personality also comes through in the video. When Haley discovers that her man is cheating, she exacts revenge by taking selfies with a bunch of bros at a party. “Making ‘Ridiculous’ come to life on screen was the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced,” the singer/songwriter says. “Hot dudes at a house party was just all too real. I hope this song makes people think about that one dude that was absolutely #redic. Sing it loud and proud.” We’re excited to premiere the visual below.

Haley Georgia’s “Ridiculous” video:

You can download Haley’s new single here. Let us know if you love the video in the comments below.

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