Demi Lovato Talks “Provocative” New Album: “I’m Done With The Sob Stories”

Pop Perspective: Demi Lovato's "Cool For The Summer"
Each Idolator editor gives their thoughts on the popstress' latest single.

Demi Lovato is tired of concerning herself with being a role model — in her music, anyway.

Shortly after she premiered her racy new single “Cool for the Summer,” she talked to Ryan Seacrest about the direction she is taking with her new album. “I’m no longer serious,” she says. “I’m done with the sob stories. New chapter, new life, new album, new single — this is a completely new Demi.”

Lovato will also feature “a lot of provocative songs” in her new album. “There’s nobody in the pop industry that says, ‘Don’t fuck with me,'” she says, adding, “There’s Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Those two women, they’re like, ‘I’ll kick your ass. I’m totally that, but in pop music — not that they’re not pop music, they’re just kind of in different worlds.”

RiRi and Minaj certainly weren’t signed to the Disney Channel-owned Hollywood Records, like Lovato was up until her most recent album — 2013’s Demi. It’s still-untitled follow-up, out this fall, will also be her first release via her and Nick Jonas‘ new label Safehouse Records.

Watch Demi Lovato talk her new album with Ryan Seacrest up top.

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