4th Of July Playlist: 15 Songs By Pop’s Most Independent Divas

4. Demi Lovato feat. Cher Lloyd — “Really Don’t Care” (2014)

Demi Lovato is one of the more confident popstresses of her generation, as she is not afraid to reveal her flaws and mistakes. And if you don’t like it? Too bad — she really doesn’t care!

5. Beyonce — “***Flawless” (2014)

Speaking of flaws, Queen Bey showed women there was nothing wrong with owning your confidence. It is possible to be a wife, sex symbol, businesswoman and a mother all in one, so work it ladies!

6. Miley Cyrus — “Can’t Be Tamed” (2010)

2010 marked the ended of Miley Cyrus‘ sugary-sweet Disney era and revealed her to be a bold and unapologetically provocative pop rebel. We’re glad to see that, five years later, she has sticked to her mantra.