MS MR’s “Criminal”: Hear The Latest Single From ‘How Does It Feel’

MS MR's "How Does It Feel": Listen
Hear the title track from the duo's sophomore album.

MS MR have released another single off their glossy, surprisingly dance-able sophomore album How Does It Feel. “Criminal” is crisp and hooky, taking the clean surge of “Painted” and marrying it with the melodicism of “Wrong Victory.” And with the faint guitar squalls fluttering through the chorus and the low buzzing synths that emerge, it’s about as close as the duo gets on this album to the hazier sound of Secondhand Rapture.

“The song itself is about being in a toxic and tumultuous relationship and trying to pull away but there’s not really a way out,” singer Lizzy Plapinger told Interview. “I think it was a song we had a huge amount of fun writing. I think you can hear the enthusiasm and energy within the track.”

Check it out below.

[via Interview]