Alexx Mack’s “Retro Romance” Video: Premiere

Carl Williott | October 7, 2015 7:00 am

Alexx Mack has a name that will delight the more senior millennials and a voice that’ll make you tilt your head back as though a strong gale just rushed through the room. The singer moved out to L.A. after graduating from high school a year early, and now she’s ready to drop her debut EP Like We’re Famous. Ahead of its Friday (October 9) release, we’re excited to premiere the video for standout track “Retro Romance.”

The Madonna-inspired song showcases Mack’s bright and forceful pop voice — it’s a little Katy Perry, a little Demi Lovato, and there’s even some Shania Twain in the chorus — and the video shows her traipsing around the desert and taking a dip in the hotel pool during a Cali road trip. True to the track’s nostalgic theme, there’s plenty of handheld VHS footage.

Check it out below.