J Sutta’s “Feline Resurrection” Video Shuts Down Pussycat Dolls Reunion Rumors: Idolator Premiere

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Back in 2010, The Pussycat Dolls officially disbanded with some of the members going on to pursue their individual careers — most notably Nicole Scherzinger and Jessica Sutta. The latter, who now goes by J Sutta is now clearing up any speculations about a possible PCD reunion with her new video for “Feline Resurrection,” which we are premiering today (October 8).

Directed by Jose Omar, the video plays more like a mini art film. Running for almost seven minutes, it begins with Sutta’s character being bullied by an older leather-clad woman (you can take your guess on who it’s alluding to) after trying to drink her milk. After being forcefully drowned, Sutta is ressurected and takes control of the throne. “You can say bye to the pretty cat’s meow/ This pussycat learned to growl,” the singer affirms in the frenetic and buzzing tune.

Sutta had this to say about the tune:

“The song and video for ‘Feline Resurrection; are open to interpretation just as all art is. It was an extremely cathartic experience for me as I got to express myself through my art which is what I feel I was born to do.  I have had a journey of immense growth and overcome many challenges and hardships which led me to kill parts of the old me in order to allow for a more conscious rebirth of a stronger version of myself. Ultimately, it represents something very important to me, which is a message of finding your power, standing up for yourself and not taking sh*t from no one. If my artistic expression can make a difference to even one person and empower them to know that each of us have a fire deep within us then I have done my job.”

The singer co-wrote “Feline Resurrection” on a S-X (Childish Gambino, Lil Wayne) and Benny Cassette (Miguel, Kanye West) collaborative production. Her album of the same name is almost finished, and follows tunes like “Show Me”, “Gonna Get U” with Dave Aude, “For Myself” and “White Lies” with Paul Van Dyk. Get into the new visual below.

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