Samantha Jade Unveils The Cover And Tracklist Of Debut LP ‘Nine’

The best part of decade has passed since Samantha Jade dropped debut single “Step Up” way back in 2006 — a period of time that’s referenced in the title of her debut LP Nine (due November 20). The Aussie pop star unveiled the tracklist of the album today (November 10) and there are a couple of surprises. For starters, it doesn’t include any of the hits she has amassed since returning to pop (the diva retired when her US record deal fell through before bouncing back as the winner of X Factor Australia in 2012). That is, with the exception of Pitbull collaboration “Shake That.”

While the remainder of the tracks are unfamiliar, Samantha promises to deliver an eclectic pop record. “When we started to make this album my team at Sony asked me what kind of record I wanted to make and I told them I wanted to make a pop record because that’s what I love,” the “Firestarter” hitmaker says. “I wanted to make pop music that wasn’t too in your face, and had an influence from a number of styles and tempos.”

“Songs like ‘Show Me Love’, ‘Always’, ‘Shake That’, and ‘What You Want’ are very fun pop songs that make you feel like letting go and enjoying the good times, whereas songs like ‘Castle’ and ‘Nine’ are songs to inspire people and to give them strength and courage,” she explains. As for the producers involved? Samantha worked with Babyface, The Rascals, Jon Levine, Mason “MdL” Levy, The Fliptones, DNA, Tiffany Fred and Mansur Zafr. See the tracklist below.

Samantha Jade’s Nine tracklist:

1. Always 2. Naked 3. Wait for It 4. What You Want 5. Only Just Begun 6. Shake That (feat. Pitbull) 7. Show Me Love 8. Let the Good Times Roll 9. Castle 10. Born to Be Alive 11. Nine

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