The Game: All Your Favorite Thirst Traps Featuring The Rapper Might Be Removed By Instagram

In fall 2015, there’s nothing more American than apple pie, Miley Cyrus‘ boobs and Instagram pics of The Game‘s number one appendage. And so here comes the inevitable, er, rub: Yesterday the California rapper posted a short video on Instagram stating that the photo-sharing social site is threatening to suspend his account over the provocative “meat prints” he so loves to share with his followers. What a bunch of dicks.

Watch how many fucks The Game gives of the Insta threat below.

@tmz_tv calls me to give me the scoop……. Shit been up for a month, now y’all threatening niggas lol #KanyeShrug #YouAPhoneAppButYouStillLikeTheSausage 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #ProbablyLilWeeWeeNiggasReportingIt #YoDaddyJustWasntPackinSoGeneticallyYourLifeFuckedUp #MyDaddyWasADragonSlayerOutHereAndItGotPassedDownToMe #MyGrandaddyWasASeaMonsterKiller #ItRunsInTheFamily #TaylorMeatPackingCompany #MEATPRINTPAPI has spoken….. Now back to this Daddy thing I’m doing over here…. #HatersGoneHatePotatosGonePotate lmaoooo…. So if my account mysteriously disappear, IG hatin on a player & I’ll be on snap chat for the duration: “blackb0yfly” & if they do delete it…. All my women fans, post it in the name of my Instagram memory #LongLiveTheDingALingKing #UnBothered

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