D^YDRE^MERS’ “Uncool” Video Is Anything But: Idolator Premiere

Mike Wass | January 28, 2016 11:00 am
Brandon Skeie's "So Bad": Idolator Premiere
We're excited to premiere Brandon Skeie's catchy debut single "So Bad." Listen now.

Bonded by a mutual love of anime and upbeat pop music, Adam and Angel banded together to form D^YDRE^MERS in 2015. And they combine both of those passions on their infectious debut single. Produced by Kevin Figs & OC (they helmed Sophia Black’s “Kissing”), “Uncool” is a boisterous anthem for non-conformists — complete with quotable lyrics and a ruthlessly catchy chorus.

“When we wrote ‘Uncool’ we were thinking about all the ‘cool’ people on social media focusing on what we perceive as valueless — number of followers, number of likes, their false image — and not what truly matters, like focusing on the moment they’re in,” D^YDRE^MERS say of their soon-to-go viral single. “We really aren’t uncool, but rather just don’t give a fuck about what society claims to be cool.”

We’re excited to premiere the duo’s vibrant “Uncool” video (above), which finds D^YDRE^MERS rocking dope outfits (please note Adam’s tight headband and Angel’s flawless sock game) at a house party. Your new favorite duo even get to indulge their anime obsession at the end of the clip when they transform into cartoon characters. Oh and keep an eye out for co-writer Leland (Daya’s “Hide Away” and Troye Sivan’s “Youth”) poolside cameo!

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