Adam Lambert Previews “Welcome To The Show”: Listen To A Clip Of The Brand New Song

Thankfully, that Oreo’s jingle won’t be the only new music we hear from Adam Lambert this year. The glam-pop singer teased his upcoming single this morning, titled “Welcome To The Show.” The song features 33-year-old Swedish singer Laleh, and has a release date of this Thursday, March 17 (the same day he performs it live on American Idol).

Lambert describes the track as a surprise for his loyal followers. “Welcome to the show, bring on all the lights / let it shine, we’re together here tonight,” Lambert croons over synth chords a teaser clip for the song.

“I wanted to surprise my fans with a new, uplifting anthem for the spring,” Adam says in a press release. “I asked Max Martin for help and he paired me up with two great writers and producers; Ali Payami, who worked with me on ‘Ghost Town,’ and Swedish star Laleh who is also a featured vocalist on the track. I feel this song will give people strength to be exactly who they are.”

Get empowered by an early preview of “Welcome To The Show” above, then catch him performing the song on American Idol on March 17.

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