Melanie Martinez’s “Cry Baby” Video Will Scar You For Life

Melanie Martinez Interview
We speak to Melanie about concept albums and the future travails of Cry Baby.

Melanie Martinez leads us further down the rabbit hole with her seriously off-kilter “Cry Baby” video. The twisted clip boasts the scariest childbirth scene since Rosemary’s Baby — it ruined piñatas for me — and a literal flood of tears. It’s all held together by the 20-year-old, who reprises her role as Cry Baby — the titular character of the song (and Melanie’s debut album). Her commitment elevates the visual into something darker and more profound.

While this is the fifth video to emerge from Cry Baby, it’s probably the best starting point for newcomers to Melanie’s work. It’s the first chapter of the dark fairy tale that unfolds over the space of the album and sets the tone for everything to come. It also helps explain Cry Baby’s homicidal tendencies. The “Pity Party” singer is half-way through the Cry Baby Tour 2016, which winds up on March 31 in New Jersey. Watch up top.

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