Azealia Banks Implies That Iggy Azalea Should “Drive That Truck Right Off The Canyon”

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Azealia Banks isn’t finished beefing with Iggy Azalea.

Over the weekend, celebrity gossip website The Shade Room reposted a snippet of a recent interview with Iggy on its Instagram account. While speaking with Power 106’s J Cruz, Iggy confessed that she felt suicidal last year. “YASS slavemaster, drive that slave truck right off the canyon!!” Azealia said in the comments.

Azealia was calling back to Iggy’s 2011 “D.R.U.G.S.” lyric about being “a runaway slave / master,” which she has taken issue with before. But she was also responding to a direct quote from the Power 106 interview. “Sometimes I would drive to the canyons to get to my horses and I’d be like, what if I just kept driving off the canyon?” Iggy said.

Iggy has already seen what Azealia said. When a fan pointed out what happened, Iggy said, “i see no diff between her and any other internet troll at this point in time. whatever floats her boat. meh.” See all the social media posts below.

#PressPlay: Wow #IggyAzalea reveals she had suicidal thoughts because of constant ridicule via @Power_106 #TheCruzShow

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#AzealiaBanks stepped into #TheShadeRoom and she has some strong words for #IggyAzalea

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