Allie X’s ‘CollXtion II’ EP On The Way

DIY pop mystery Allie X, one of the freshest voices to crop up over the past two years, is set to follow up last year’s eight-song CollXtion with a second release this spring, aptly titled CollXtion II. That tidbit gets a brief mention in a Playboy profile, where Allie states the following:

With each album, I’m telling a new chapter of the story of X. The idea is that listeners will start asking questions of themselves and looking for their own truths. Everyone’s experience of X will be different. In my first EP, CollXtion I, the girl’s shadow split from her real self. It left the two parts missing each other and trying to find a way to reunite. In CollXtion II, the plot moves forward.

In February, the singer-songwriter released one-off single “Old Habits Die Hard,” which didn’t stray too far from the sweet-but-dark synth-pop of CollXtion. She’s also got a bit of a hit on her hands, as “Youth,” one of a handful of tunes she co-wrote for recent tour mate Troye Sivan‘s Blue Neighbourhood album, recently cracked the Top 40 of on the Billboard Hot 100.

Keep it coming, Allie.

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