Woolf And The Wondershow’s “Cages” Video Is A Whimsical Affair

Woolf And The Wondershow's "Cloaked"
Ed Westwick lends his voice to Woolf And The Wondershow's "Cloaked" remix.

After crafting finely-wrought pop anthems for Carly Rae Jepsen, Melanie Martinez and Kita Alexander, songwriter/producers and all-around renaissance men C.J. Baran and Ben Romans decided to release one of their own under the moniker Woolf and the Wondershow. That song, a dreamy dose of fairytale-pop called “Cloaked,” proved to be a blog hit in early 2015 — racking up 100,000+ streams. They backed it up with the equally whimsical “Cages” and then went quiet.

The L.A.-based duo relaunched in March with an unashamedly romantic remix of “Cloaked” and keep the momentum going by dropping a belated video for “Cages” today. The visual sums up their wintery Victorian aesthetic perfectly with a tryst unfolding in opulent surrounds. (There also seems to be a supernatural element at play). The track features on Woolf and the Wondershow’s debut EP, We Need To talk, which drops June 10. Watch up top.

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