Kerli Is Bewitching In Her “Diamond Hard” Video: Watch & Catch Our Chat With Her

This year has marked a whole new era for Kerli, following the Estonian beauty’s departure from Los Angeles (and major label Island) for her home country, where she went into seclusion in the woods to recharge her creative spirit and rediscover  her musical passion.

“There was this little half-built house that I had access to in the forest,” Kerli explained while making a visit to Idolator’s office on a chilly day this past April, during which she played us some of her new material. “When I went to Estonia, I just knew that I wanted to kind of go away and cleanse myself. But this little, weird, unfinished house came about, so I just took my gear up there.”

Armed with a heater, some blankets and not much else to keep warm, Kerli set about crafting new songs like “Feral Hearts,” a lush, sweeping single that was released in February, and follow-up synth ballad “Blossom.”

“I had nothing with me; I had like two pairs of sweatpants and my studio,” Kerli said while describing her working space. “I set up my keyboard, my laptop, my speakers and my mic, and it was really nice, it was really necessary.”

The 29 year old’s third self-released single of 2016, a tense, pulsating dance cut called “Diamond Hard,” has perhaps the most unique of music video of them all. In keeping with the pagan aesthetic we’ve come to associate her with, the clip features Kerli being worshiped while she channels forces both natural and, perhaps, not from this mortal plane. It’s worth pointing out that the “Diamond Hard” video also marks the singer’s directorial debut.

“It’s just about the visuals and the music — you envision it and then you make it,” Kerli says, noting that every aspect of her career is now fully in her hands. “I feel way more alive.”

“Diamond Hard” was made available for purchase this week. Grab the song from iTunes, and watch the video, which Kerli herself directed, above.

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