“I Love Cheap Wigs!!”: 20 Legendary Lace Fronts That Flipped Pop’s Lid

Sia may not need dollar bills to have fun tonight (or top the charts), but she does have a secret weapon: her iconic, sure-to-be-in-the-Smithsonian WIG!

Let’s face it: where would the music industry be without glamour, and what’s more glamorous than an ultra-fashion wig? Short ‘n’ sassy or wind-machine-flowy, wigs helped many of our favorite stars reach hair-raising heights on the charts…and look damn good while doing so.

It’s time to pay homage to the power of the wig, chyldren, lest someone snatch yours!


20. Sia

Wig-Powered Hit: “Cheap Thrills”
Black & White Beauty
Best YouTube Tribute To Its Power: 
“she is trying to be buckethead lol”

19. Gwen Stefani

Wig-Powered Hit: “Cool”
Best YouTube Tribute To Its Power: 
“omg she looks so cute slayy”

18. Lil’ Kim

Wig-Powered Hit: “Crush On You”
Style: Crayola Fun Pack (True)
Best YouTube Tribute To Its Power: 
“b4 the bleaching and botox”

17. Kristen

Wiig-Powered Hit: Ghostbusters theme song
Style: “I’m wacky!”
Best YouTube Tribute To Its Power:
“just caused my erectile dysfunction”