Meet Chloe Rose And Watch The Video For Her Teen Pop Anthem “For Me”

Budding British singer Chloe Rose (not to be confused with the Canadian Degrassi actress of the same name) was asked by UK children’s charity ChildLine to record a song for the organization’s 30th anniversary, and the result is the giddy dance-pop cut “For Me.” The song is the first sample of what’s to come from the 16 year old, who’s been recording with legendary pop producer Mike Stock (Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Bananarama).

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“For Me” bears all the hallmarks of a classic Mike Stock production — soaring chorus, bright synths, prominent backing vocals — and will be available for download on September 9. Ahead of that, you can watch Chloe and her pals throwing a dance party and striking carefree poses via the music video above.

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