Emeli Sande Reveals ‘Long Live The Angels’ Standard & Deluxe Album Covers

Emeli Sande‘s forthcoming sophomore album, Long Live The Angels, now has some colorful artwork to accompany it, which the British singer posted on Facebook this afternoon.

“I am no angel. These songs are stories of a very flawed human, but I hope in my honesty we may have a deeper connection and grow stronger, united together,” Sande noted while revealing the covers — both standard an otherwise, for her new album.


She then included the following, which is either lyrics or a poem:

Take note of colours in your dreams Things aren’t as dark as they may seem. We are so powerful.

I chose my side. No more gently gently. Love needs protected and fought for More than ever.

By any means necessary LONG LIVE THE ANGELS.

Listen to Sande’s new single “Hurts,” and check out the Long Live The Angels tracklist below.

1. Selah 2. Breathing Underwater 3. Happen 4. Hurts 5. Give Me Something 6. Right Now 7. Shakes 8. Garden (feat. Jay Electronica & Áine Zion) 9. I’d Rather Not 10. Lonely 11. Sweet Architect 12. Tenderly (feat. Joel Sande & The Serenje Choir) 13. Every Single Little Piece 14. Highs and Lows 15. Babe

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