Bastille’s “Send Them Off!” Video Is A Surreal, Nightmarish Ride

Bastille Talks 'Wild World' & Bonus Tracks
We speak to Bastille about their sophomore LP 'Wild World' and bonus tracks.

Bastille has veered away from the noirish, Lynchian visuals of the Bad Blood era. While that’s still an element, the British band is now focussing on the surreal. Their Dali-esque “Good Grief” video got the ball rolling, while “Send Them Off!” — the second single from Wild World in Europe — takes them further down that path. The creepy clip references everything from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut to Rosemary’s Baby (and possibly The Witch) as the protagonist stumbles upon sex parties and demonic gatherings.

It’s a wild, nightmarish ride, but unlikely to cause as much controversy as “Good Grief” for the simple fact that there are no boobs. “The nudity in the video was never meant to be provocative,” Dan Smith said of the band’s last video. “There’s a man running on fire, there’s me as a decapitated head on the floor. There are way more, not that boobs aren’t interesting because they are, but there’s a lot of other interesting stuff in there.” Watch Bastille’s second provocative visual in a row up top.

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