Break The Rules: Charli XCX Is Nude On Instagram

Charli XCX Hits The Studio With David Guetta
Well, this was unexpected. Charli XCX is working on new music with David Guetta.

Charli XCX isn’t exactly shy and retiring on Instagram (here’s the evidence), but she generally keeps it PG-13. The Brit, an avowed rule-breaker, took her social media game to the next level this morning (October 11) with a sexy, masked selfie. The caption? “Going to China brb.” Apart from blessing us with nudes, the 24-year-old also has new music on the way. “SHOOTING MY NEW VIDEO OVER NEXT FEW DAYS!!!!” she told fans in September. The hitmaker then revealed that director Diane Martel (Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”) is at the helm.

While that’s about all we know about her new single, Charli recently hit the studio with David Guetta. It’s unclear if they worked on her third album or his seventh, but they were joined by Noonie Bao (the songwriter behind “Vroom Vroom” and “Doing It”) and PC Music head honcho A.G. Cook — so it’s probably the former. That pairing is a little unexpected but makes sense when you consider that she’s trying to blend the weird and wonderful electronica of PC Music with something a little more accessible on album number three.

“I didn’t want to make just an album with SOPHIE, and I didn’t want to make just an album with Stargate,” the pop star told Fader in a recent cover story. “I wanted to make an album with SOPHIE and Stargate. Sure, some of SOPHIE’s records are a little harsh and off-the-wall, but the goal is to be making progressive pop music.” And Charli doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her choice of collaborators. “I know people are going to be like, ‘She wanted to make the album with SOPHIE, and her label said, You need to put it with Stargate to make this work.’ But it was never about putting SOPHIE in a pop environment and flattening him out.”

See Charli XCX’s sexy selfie below.

🇨🇳 💖 going to China brb 💖 🇨🇳

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