Katy Perry Is Working With Max Martin & Shellback

Katy Perry Takes Flight In Epic "Rise" Video
Katy Perry battles the elements and herself in epic "Rise" video.

After live-tweeting last night’s (October 19) presidential debate, Katy Perry got back to work. “Ok back to the studio for me,” the pop star tweeted. “2017 is gonna [be] tight af.” However, she wasn’t quite done with Twitter. A couple of hours later, the nude-voter grabbed her phone and revealed a couple of collaborators: “MAKE LYRICS GREAT AGAIN cc Max Martin & Shellback.” With the chart-conquering Swedes involved, you can bank on great lyrics and big hits.

Of course, Katy has been working with Max since One Of The Boys — creating signature songs like “I Kissed A Girl,” “Teenage Dream” and “Roar.” Shellback is new to team Katy, which is kind of surprising given that he has worked with just about everyone else including Kesha, Pink, Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne. While they seem like a fairly safe bet, the 31-year-old is trying to balance commercial appeal with artistic integrity. She recently attributed the following quote to her A&R: “You can be too arty and lose your audience or you can be too charty and lose your art.” In other words, KP4 will push the envelope without leaving long-time fans behind. (If only Joanne got the same advice).

Who else is Katy working with? The hitmaker is rumored to be expanding her horizons and trying out new producers including Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee. “I wrote this track and [Katy] laid it and it’s pretty dope,” the prodigy behind Beyonce’s “Formation” told Complex. “She got a lot of style. She about to come with it!” Whatever happens, don’t expect the new album to sound like Rio Olympics single “Rise.” “It wasn’t obvious as something I would go with for the next record, but it seemed to match the spirit of the athletes,” Ferras’ boss explained to Mashable.

“I’ve been taking my time making this record and I just wanted to have a bridge of something whether I was thinking about doing something for a film or something like this and this seemed so obvious and such a perfect fit,” Katy explained. As for the direction of KP4? “It’s too soon to define it,” she said. “I want to let the music define itself when it comes out.” See her tweets below.

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