Selena Gomez Proposes ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Reunion

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Last night (January 7) Selena Gomez reunited with Wizards of Waverly Place co-star David Henrie. And while joking over where their characters would be right now — their Emmy-winning Disney Channel show wrapped five years ago, almost to the date — Selena couldn’t help but get nostalgic. “Should we do a reunion guys? Should we bring Wizards of Waverly Place back?” she said on Instagram.

The Wizards of Waverly Place starred Selena and David as Alex and Justin Russo, respectively, as siblings and wizards in training. Its 2011 series finale drew nearly 10 million viewers, as the most watched Disney Channel finale in its history. In 2013, Selena starred in the one-hour TV special The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex, though David wasn’t present.

While hanging out, Selena and David imagined the Russo-owned Waverly Sub Station being out of business, Max (Jake T. Austin) being married, and Alex (Selena) being single. “You know what, she’s killing the game. That’s what she’s doing,” she says. Watch the former castmates talk Wizards of Waverly Place and imagine what a reunion would be like below.

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