Camila Cabello Talks To Lena Dunham About Sexualization & Immigration

Before she announced her split from Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello sat down with Girls mastermind Lena Dunham for the actress’s Lenny newsletter. They covered heavy topics such as the sexualization of teen pop stars and standing up for immigrants in the wake of Trvmpism — see, pop isn’t always a mind-suck — and now the interview has been published.

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Cabello is only 19, but she has developed a strong handle on how sexuality pertains to women in the music industry and how it can be used for and against them.

“There’s been a lot of times where people have tried to sexualize us to just get more attention. Unfortunately, sex sells. There’s definitely been times where there’s stuff that I have not been comfortable with and I’ve had to put my foot down,” she explained. “There’s nothing wrong with showing sexuality. If you have that inside, it’s just an expression of who you are. If you want to share that with people, that’s amazing. I love that. Look at Rihanna. She’s so sexy. She comes from Planet Sexy. I worship her. I really, really do…I think the thing that I would say to young women is, if you’re not ready for it, put your foot down.”

Dunham also asked Cabello about living as a Cuban-American when the incoming president is a racist who stokes anti-immigrant fear:

“I saw so many videos and so many Latino anchors from news that I watch interviewing people that just hated us and thought that we were inferior. It made me realize, Whoa, this is really still happening. I feel like in a way that’s just kind of made me prouder of my roots. To be honest with you, I didn’t think that I would be as politically outspoken as I was this year about the election. I know that it’s a really personal decision, voting.

…All of the things that were being spoken about hit so close to home, to me being an immigrant and being a Latina, that I just felt a responsibility to stick up for my people and my culture. Just seeing all of the debates and me and my family around talking. Seeing all of the passion in their eyes because they’re the people being spoken about. Now and forevermore, I’m going to stick up for immigrants and I’m going to stick up for Hispanic people and their rights. I feel like that’s just my job.”

Read the whole Q&A here.