Watch Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Rehearsals (Yes, There’s “Bad Romance”)

Lady Gaga built a stage in her backyard so she could rehearse for the Super Bowl, and now we get a little peek at what she’s been up to inside that tent. In some great, if expected, news, it looks like they’re prepping “Bad Romance.”

Footage from the first day of rehearsals, led by her choreographer Richy Jackson, shows the dancers going through her famous “Bad Romance” moves, claws and everything. As for what else we can expect, Gaga joked, “I’ve been planning this since I was four, so I know exactly what I’m gonna do.” (Does that include a Diplo cameo?)

She and Jackson explain that the key will be to find a new twist. It’s a world stage that has been graced by so many big stars, so the challenge is bringing something new to the spectacle.

Watch below.