Katy Perry’s New Single Isn’t Here Yet & Stan Wars Are Already Erupting

Katy Perry's New Single Was Written By Sia
Katy Perry's new single was reportedly written by Sia and produced by Max Martin.

Katy Perry hasn’t even confirmed the title of her new single yet and stan wars are already erupting across the internet. The issue seems to be her newly blond locks and pastel-colored promo pic. Little Monsters kicked off the shade-fest by comparing it to the cover of Lady Gaga’s Joanne (no one has explained why would she copy an unsuccessful era) and then Zara Larsson’s growing army of fans got in on the act. It seems the Swede once wore a pink jacket, so Katy obviously stole her look. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before team starts reaching. After all, she has blond hair and brown eyebrows too.

I’m already getting flashbacks to 2013 when Katy and Gaga rolled out Prism and ARTPOP within months of each other. Twitter was a bloodbath and there were reports of temporary blindness from all the shade. I don’t expect things to get that messy this time around. After all, Mother Monster is all about promoting online kindness and Katy went out of her way to congratulate Gaga on her Super Bowl performance. You just know they will take a selfie at the Grammys and everyone will chill. Until then, check out some of the deluded tweets below.

Monsters take shots:

Zara’s fans get rowdy:

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