Dagny’s “Wearing Nothing” Gets A Cheat Codes x CADE Remix

Future Hit: Dagny's 'Wearing Nothing'
Dagny could be the next Scandi-diva to break big. Fall in love with 'Wearing Nothing.'

From the soaring chorus to its kooky lyrics and pristine synths, Dagny’s “Wearing Nothing” sums up everything great about Scandinavian pop. Unfortunately, it might just be a little too Euro-centric for US radio. Which is why the track has been overhauled by Cheat Codes and CADE — the team behind Maggie Lindemann’s Spotify-conquering “Pretty Girl” remix. And Lightning just might strike twice. The core of the Norwegian diva’s anthem remains very much intact, the song just makes more sense now to listeners accustomed to The Chainsmokers and Zedd.

While “Wearing Nothing” sounds like a frivolous bop on the first listen, there’s more to it than that. “It’s not just about wanting to be naked with someone,” Dagny revealed. “It’s about wanting to be completely bare with someone and to be as close as possible both emotionally and physically even to the point where a piece of clothing feels like too much in-between.” That concept is showcased in the quirky video, which finds the 26-year-old performing intricate choreography with her other half. Listen to the winning remix below.

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