Gif Queen Gretchen Performs “Swish Swish” On Brazilian TV

Katy Perry's 'Swish Swish' Lyric Video
Pop art! Gif queen Gretchen stars in Katy Perry's 'Swish Swish' lyric video.

In case you have been in a coma or stranded on a deserted island without wi-fi, Katy Perry called on gif queen Gretchen to star in her “Swish Swish” lyric video. The 58-year-old pop star, who landed a string of hits in the ’70s and ’80s with camp anthems like “Freak Le Boom Boom” and “Conga Conga Conga,” is a social media sensation thanks to her exaggerated facial expressions and penchant for drama. It was always destined to go and the highly-watchable visual has racked up 16 million views in less than a week.

It turns out the glamorous veteran is determined to make the most of her second burst of fame and she dropped by Brazilian TV show Domingo Legal to perform “Swish Swish” with a gaggle of dancers. Gretchen truly lip-synced for her life, serving looks and choreography in a display that would have won any season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Katy probably has no idea that social-media siren is ghosting her in South America, but I’m sure she would approve. This is truly some next-level promo! Watch up top.

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