The Best Comeback Stories In Music History

There are no secrets behind the closed doors of the rock star lifestyle. Notoriously fueled by sex, drugs, and rock and roll, we’ve seen many iconic bands and musicians fall victim to their vices and ultimately lead to their death or the demise of their bands. There are also bands whose ego simply got the best of them and they slowly fade away and are forgotten. However, there are some bands that managed to rise from the ashes and re-establish themselves in the music scene, acquiring new fans while satisfying their loyal following. Here are those that bounced back in a big way for the most epic comebacks in music.

AC/DC’s Lead Singer Found Dead


In 1979, rock band AC/DC released their album Highway to Hell and rocketed them to celebrity status, and was their biggest success at the time. Unfortunately, six months after its release, lead singer Bon Scott was found dead in the back of a car after choking on his own vomit. After some soul-searching, the band decided to continue making music and recruited Brian Johnson as a new lead singer. Although Johnson felt he could not fill Scott’s shows, he went on to write the song “Hells Bells” the opening track to their comeback album and the second-highest selling album of all time, Back in Black.