Alli Simpson Returns With Feisty Electro-Pop Anthem “Material Boy”

Alli Simpson Teases New Single 'Material Boy'
Alli returns with a new single called 'Material Boy,' which represents a new sound.

After taking a little break to concentrate on her media career, Alli Simpson returns to music today (October 12) with “Material Boy.” Co-written with Ferras, Johan and Myah Marie, the feisty bop is a declaration of independence. “Your lips keep moving it ain’t nothing but noise, if you think I’m joking then you’re missing my point,” the 19-year-old coos over throbbing electro-pop beats. “You try to wind me up but I ain’t one of your toys, go on and play with yourself material boy.”

The budding diva has come a long way since “Why I’m Single” and “Notice Me,” taking control of her sound and image. “[It’s] one of the first few songs I have ever written,” Alli tells Billboard. “I felt connected and attached to it immediately because it feels like me 100 percent from start to finish. The sound, the vibe, the story, the lyrics all comes from a point in my life and feels like me.” Listen to the catchy track below.

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