What’s Monogamy? Meet The Celebrities Who Believe In Open Marriages

Monogamy isn’t for everyone, and that applies to many of our favorite celebrities. Maybe it’s the tedious filming days or maybe it’s just hard to keep your eyes on one person when you’re having on-screen relations with a co-star. Whatever the case may be, these celebrity couples have bent the rules of dating with less traditional relationship roles and goals. For some, an open relationship can keep them together as they are allowed to explore other options, but for others it can break a relationship. Check out these celebs who have allegedly spent some time playing in open relationships. The 8th couple on our list might shock you.

Chris Robinson & Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson rose to fame after her amazing role in 2000’s Almost Famous. She then appeared in a string of hits including How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Bride Wars. Her marriage to The Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson turned a lot of heads. It was actually her dad, Bill, who told the media that she was interested in an open relationship and had her eyes set on other guys in Hollywood. The couple officially called it quits in 2007.