Miley Cyrus Performs “Bad Mood” & “I Would Die For You” On ‘SNL’

Miley's 'Younger Now': Album Review
Miley Cyrus attempts a country-pop reinvention on her sixth LP with mixed results.

Miley Cyrus is hoping to breathe some life into her Younger Now era with a late promo push. She was booked as this week’s performer on Saturday Night Live and used the opportunity to introduce a couple of non-singles to viewers. The 25-year-old began with “Bad Mood,” a rollicking country/pop anthem with an instantly catchy chorus. The hitmaker was dressed in black from head to toe and served full-blown Nashville vamp while artfully belting out the song. Her vocal was on-point and she sold the material convincingly enough.

Things were flipped upside down for her second number. Miley donned virginal white to sing stripped-back ballad, “I Would Die For You.” Again, she sounded great and brought a lot of emotion to the performance. Hopefully, the (former) pop star’s appearance will get people to reevaluate her 6th LP. The album only sold 33,000 copies in its first week and is yet to pass the 50,000 mark. Those numbers are surprising given the top 10 success of “Malibu” and heavy promotion on The Voice and The Tonight Show. Watch Miley do her thing below.

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