Deadheads to One Directioners: These Fans Are Unbelievably Dedicated

Gaining a dedicated fanbase in the music industry isn’t as easy as some artists make it look. It takes talent, patience, hard work, and a certain je ne sais quoi to develop that special bond with the fans.

But while some artists have fans, these artists have super fans. We’re talking fans who will fly across the country and wait hours in the rain just to catch a glimpse of Rihanna in concert. Or the Deadheads of the ’70s who sold burritos so they could follow their favorite band. Check out which artists made our list and see just how dedicated their fanbase is. You won’t believe what one Drake fan tattooed on her body!

The Grateful Dead’s Deadheads

The Grateful Dead’s Deadheads

The Grateful Dead has established one of the most dedicated fanbases out there. In the 1970s, a group of fans started traveling to see the band as many times as they could. As more fans began to do the same, a community developed—they even developed their own idioms and slang and took on the name “Deadheads.”

Of course, following a band costs money, so by the late ’70s, Deadheads began selling tie-dye T-shirts, veggie burritos, and other goods at Grateful Dead shows so they could continue following the band. Deadheads’ loyalty to their favorite band hasn’t wavered throughout the years and is still strong into the 21st century. Many Deadheads continue to follow the band through musical incarnations like Ratdog and Phil and Friends

The artist up next has one of the most dedicated fans. Someone call the navy for assistance.