People Who Know Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Revenge is a dish that’s best served cold.

It’s a fact of life, and it’s a taste of karma too. Every action involves some sort of consequences, so if you can’t handle it, then don’t go seeking revenge. Just move on, life is short. However, that logic doesn’t apply to some people. They find ways to get back at their ex or they want to make a statement. The people you are about to see are the ones who make sure someone got what they deserved.

When Peacocks Attack

Little Girl Attacked By Bird.jpg

Whenever you want to tease a peacock, just remember that peacocks fight back. Once they had enough, they’re going to turn around and flock to you until they show you that those feathers are just a pretty sight. As hilarious as this looks, it’s a reminder that we should leave peacocks in peace for good.

Time After Time

Revenge Over Time.jpg

It might have taken over 200 million years or so, but we finally got our sweet revenge! Long ago did our ancestors have to run away from dinosaurs, but thanks to evolution, we don’t have to worry about it as much. It was the birds who won the evolution battle.

Bachelorette Selfie

Savage Bachelerotte Selfie.jpg

Her selfie sums up the story of her relationship. Meaningless, boring, and emptiness all in one bag. At least she’s got her head up. This is also a good message to never recycle your exes. It never works out in the end.

Don’t be too mean, or else you might miss out on attending your favorite football team’s game after you and your ex-call it quits.

The Garbage Man Can

The Garbage Man Can.jpg

My favorite part is the right-hand man in the bottom photo who appears to be doing the classic hand dust move we see in movies. It’s moment like this when people don’t have the common courtesy to move their cars. When that happens, you get disgruntled garbage men who had enough.

Siblings Can Be Cruel

Sibling Revenge.jpg

Siblings can be such savages towards each other. Your sibling will do whatever they can to sabotage you, along with your big assignments for school. Hopefully, this sister will find her assignment or else she’ll have to come up with an excuse that wasn’t the dog eating her homework.

Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Cowboys Don't Cry Over Breakups.jpg

Looks someone missed out on attending the Dallas Cowboys game! That’s a major fumble on her ex-boyfriend’s part, who’s probably shedding away tears because he likes the Cleveland Browns too much.

If you’re that mad about it, don’t post a silly Facebook status for everyone to see, as you’ll see shortly.

Handicap Karma

Revenge Parking Spot.jpg

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who park in the handicap spot when they don’t have any proof, or really any ailments at all. This van took it upon themselves by proving a point since common sense doesn’t exist anymore. Be careful what you do out there, you never know who’s watching your every move.

Breast Milk In Your Coffee

It's Not Milk.jpg

Bodybuilders pay top dollar for anything that is organic. That being said, it’s pretty disgusting that someone actually did this. Better yet, this is a perfect example as to why we should NOT touch others belongings in the office fridge. Or else, this is your result. Never making that mistake again.

Where’s The Beef?

Where's The Beef_.jpg

Be careful with what you do or say on social media. Just because you and your ex-have mad beef, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like you were in a slaughterhouse when it blew over.

Just ahead, when people post-breakup selfies on Snapchat, and everyone just sits back and cringes.

Kelly Kapoor Is Savage

Savage Kelly Kapor.jpg

Leave it to Mindy Kaling to emerge as one of TV’s most clever writers. Her character on The Office opened the door for her career. This particular scene is Kelly Kapoor at her finest. She doesn’t care who you are, just don’t mess with her or else she’ll come after you.

Creepy Showers

Creepy Showers.jpg

Just a friendly reminder out there not to touch anyone’s food, especially if it’s your brother’s. He was looking forward to eating whatever it was, so he took the annoyance into action by freaking out his sister. You have to imagine what her reaction will be when she sees this.

Snapchat Breakup

Snapchat Breakup.jpg

Now that is harsh. It’s probably going to be so awkward and uncomfortable during Thanksgiving dinner. I guess that’s the route he had to go to switch to the better-looking sister, but seems a little vain.

Just ahead, the moment you’re saved from doing committing to a distance relationship.

3D Art Is Cool

3D Art Revenge.jpg

This is the next Picasso right here ladies and gentlemen. People step on ants without even realizing it. This artist took it one step further by doing the exact opposite with ants setting little tiny humans on fire. See, art is a form of expression after all.

“I’ll Be Five Minutes,” They Said

"I&squot;ll Be Five Minutes".jpg

Talk about taking an upper decker in your owner’s car. It’s soul-crushing to see dog’s in cars when they have to wait for their owners to return. Well, this dog certainly got sick and tired of waiting so they took the matter into their own hands after missing their daily walk.

Bon Voyage

Peace Of Cake.jpg

Long distance relationships are never a good idea. This relationship came to an abrupt end with this cake. At least it wasn’t done over Skype. This is one way to ease up the awkwardness.

You’ll never guess what act of revenge one frustrated ex did to the other, and it involves tampons.

Books Gaining Up On Kindle

Revenge Of The Books.jpg

Watch out, Barnes and Nobles, books aren’t going anywhere! Kindles have been resourceful for the bookworms out there, but books will never bow out of the publishing industry. Thankfully, we have both to enjoy so it’s a win for everyone. Also, isn’t ironic that this photo ended up on the interweb?


Revenge Of The Transformer.jpg

Irony can happen at such rare times, but luckily we have the internet for when this type of stuff happens. This will instantly make you think of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. There’s a reason why we have those moments when we are in the right place at the right time.

That Time Of Month

Tampons On The Car.jpg

After all the arguing and fighting from your breakup, you finally realized when it’s her time month. What better way to get back your ex by unleashing 10 packs of tampons all over her vehicle? That should last her through college, her first job, and her wedding day.

Food Defence

Food Defence.jpg

All these notes look like they’re from a horrible martial arts movie from the nineties. However, the fruit looks like the rambunctious duo that is Rick and Morty. You what would make this better? Replace the fruit with a pickle and you got yourself Pickle Rick!

Status Update

Revenge Status.jpg

As evil as this Facebook status is, what’s stopping him from returning the favor? It’s painful to read it as it is, but that’s what happens your partner makes a foolish mistake. The world is full of weird and interesting people that will you always come across. This is why I don’t phone people anymore. It’s a trap.