From “Finding You” To “Stephen,” Kesha’s 10 Best Album Tracks

Kesha's Powerful 'Praying' Video
Kesha returns with powerful ballad 'Praying.' Watch the psychedelic video.

Kesha staged one of the most miraculous comebacks in pop history last year. After four years in legal limbo due to her (still ongoing) legal battle with producer Dr. Luke, the glitter princess picked up where she left off — by returning to the top of the charts with Rainbow. Not only that, the “We R Who We R” hitmaker was finally acknowledged as one of pop’s most daring and complete artists. She served vocals on “Praying,” showcased her criminally underrated songwriting skills and effortless bounced between genres.

The one frustrating thing about Kesha’s comeback were the onslaught of think pieces dismissing her earlier music. The seeds of Rainbow are apparent as early as her debut LP and were already germinating by the time Warrior arrived in 2012. In fact, singles aside, that album lays down the much of the template of what was to follow with songs like guitar-pop anthem “Thinking Of You” and Iggy Pop collaboration “Dirty Love.”

In honor of Kesha’s glorious discography and her 31st birthdat, I’ve pulled together 10 of her best albums tracks.

10. Only Wanna Dance With You

Warrior (2012)

A ruthlessly catchy pop/rock anthem that wouldn’t sound out of place on Rainbow.

9. Backstabber

Animal (2010)

Of all the rowdy, potty-mouthed electro-pop anthems on Kesha’s flawless debut album, “Backstabber” has got to be the most fun and relatable. “Dinosaur” and “Party At A Rich Dude’s House” are close behind.

8. Fuck Him He’s A DJ

I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album (2011)

The only new track on the pop star’s largely-forgotten remix album is a blistering floorfiller that still goes very, very hard.

7. Hunt You Down

Rainbow (2017)

A twangy, tongue-in-cheek country ditty that evokes vintage Dolly Parton.

6. Past Lives

Warrior (2012)

This gem explores similar themes to “Finding You,” the crowning jewel of Rainbow. It’s not quite as refined or poetic, but it’s still absurdly good.

5. Gold Trans Am

Warrior (2012)

“Your sweet-ass mullet caught my eye, now you got me jonesing for a mustache ride.” Need I say more?

4. The Harold Song

Cannibal EP (2010)

Kesha’s Cannibal EP is seriously wild. Songs like “Grow A Pear” and “C U Next Tuesday” would raise plenty of eyebrows in ultra-sensitive 2018, but heartache and yearning of “The Harold Song” has stood the test of time.

3. Last Goodbye

Warrior (2012)

This is bittersweet electro-pop that doesn’t skimp on hooks or a chorus. I wish it was released as the album’s third single instead of “Crazy Kids.”

2. Finding You

Rainbow (2017)

The best love song of 2017.

1. Stephen

Animal (2010)

Has there ever been a more honest, hilarious song about obsessing over someone who doesn’t know you exist? Anyone dismissing Kesha’s early work as throwaway fluff needs to listen to this.

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