Has Christina Aguilera’s New Album Already Sprung A Leak?

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We reflect on the enduring impact of Christina Aguilera's 'Stripped' LP.

It seems that Christina Aguilera has struck a leak. Earlier this week, an LQ snippet called “Masochist” surfaced online — much to the excitement of music-starved fans. That was followed by a song called “Fall In Line.” Xtina has been in and out of the recording studio since at least 2015, so these could be scrapped demos from an early draft of her long-overdue 8th LP. It’s not unusual for songs to leak early in the digital age, but I would hate the 37-year-old to be faced with a Rebel Heart-type situation.

Happily, the links have been promptly removed and the tracks confirm that something is indeed afoot. “It’s coming bitches,” Legend X vowed on Instagram. She followed that up with another promise at a fashion event. “This is the year I’m going out. Big time,” Christina told WWD. Other signs point to new music. Demi Lovato has repeatedly hinted at a collaboration, Pink has already confirmed that they recorded a song together and the vocal queen was seen in the recording booth with Mark Ronson. The comeback queen even shook Instagram with a sexy photo shoot.

If the fan response (below) to Xtina’s new material is any indication, she has definitely got her groove back. Let’s hope there’s an official announcement soon, quickly followed by a pre-order link.

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