People Will Not Let Go Of These Conspiracy Theories Involving Famous Musicians

The public loves a good conspiracy theory. If there’s the smallest suspicion about anything, people will chalk it all up to a grand conspiracy theory and call it a day. There are conspiracies about the United States government, world leaders, celebrities, and even musicians. From Stevie Wonder’s sight to Katy Perry’s true identity, here are the craziest conspiracy theories about famous musicians.

Theory: Jay-Z Is A Member Of The Illuminati


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A conspiracy has begun to develop around rapper and hip-hop star Jay-Z that he’s a member of the secret society known as the Illuminati. They believe that he’s involved with the group and is an instrumental part of their plan to control the world from behind the scenes.

Theorists claim that his “diamond cutter” hand symbol is a direct Illuminati reference to the All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid symbols which are believed to be of Illuminati origin. Some have also claimed that he’s a time traveler for the Illuminati after the discovery of a old picture. The photo from 1939 shows two men, and one of them looked suspiciously close to Jay-Z himself.

If you thought that was out-there, see what people believe about his wife and kids.

Theory: Andrew W.K. Is Not Who He Appears To Be


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Andrew W.K. is best known for his album I Get Wet with singles such as “We Want Fun” and “Party Hard” from the early 2000s. However, there’s an internet conspiracy theory that claims that there is more than one Andrew W.K.

People believe that he grew his beard to hide his true identity and that Steev Mike, who is credited as Executive Producer on I Get Wet may, in fact, be the real Andrew W.K. It is believed by these theorists that there are numerous people that play the role of Andrew M.K. and that his true identity may never actually be revealed.

He’s not the only artist fans think have “been replaced.”

Theory: Lady Gaga Murdered Lou Reed


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After a prolonged battle with liver disease, acclaimed indie rock musician passed away in 2013. However, the public wouldn’t accept his death due to health problems and instead pointed the blame at Lady Gaga. Theorists believe that Lour Reed met his death at the hands of Lady Gaga after he expressed his distaste for her album ARTPOP.

Allegedly, Lou Reed was brought in to oversee the creation of ARTPOP since it was supposed to be a tribute to Reed’s band Velvet Underground. Apparently, Reed wasn’t happy with the outcome of the album and left the project. This infuriated Gaga who then supposedly plotted his murder and injected him with poison while he was in the Cleveland Clinic. There’s no proof whatsoever of this happening.

Theory: Avril Lavigne Died And Was Replaced By A Lookalike In 2003


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In 2003, pop & rock artist Avril Lavigne was at the height of her music career. It was also around this time that a conspiracy began to form around her. It was believed that she had died that same year and had been replaced by a lookalike named Melissa, who still portrays her today.

Theorists claim that the evidence can be found in her change of handwriting, her vocal tone, her nose, and the shape of her eyes. Although it may be a stretch, there’s a rather large community of believers, and her die-hard fans still proclaim that the current Avril Lavine is nothing but an imposter.

Theory: Elvis Presley Is Alive And Well


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When Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977, it was heartbreaking not only to the music community but for the world. However, it wasn’t long after his death that suspicions began to arise that he wasn’t dead. Even though it was pretty clear that he had died, fans became convinced that he faked his death to escape the public eye and live the rest of his life in peace.

Over the years, there have been multiple accounts claiming that they have spotted Elvis out in public. There’s even an Elvis Sighting Society that keeps track of these claims. Some people also say he was an extra in the 1990 Christmas film Home Alone.

Theory: Katy Perry Is The Adult JonBenet Ramsey


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During Christmas time in 1996, six-year-old American child beauty star JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in her own house in Boulder, Colorado. The homicide gained nationwide attention and the crime still remains unsolved. The unsolved nature of the case has led some conspiracy theorists to believe that Katy Perry is actually a grown-up JonBenet Ramsey.

One conspiracist claims that Ramsey’s parents faked her death so that she could become famous later in life. The main evidence to support this conspiracy is that the two girls look alike which is apparently enough to call the murder of an innocent six-year-old a staged death.

Theory: Paul Is Dead


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Contrary to popular belief, apparently, Paul McCartney of the Beatles and Wings has been dead since 1967 of a car accident. After his death, he was then replaced by a lookalike named William Campbell. Supposedly, the Beatles left clues for true Beatles fans to follow to learn the secret behind Paul’s death.

On the cover of Abbey Road, Paul is the only one leading with his left foot, and on the cover of Sgt. Peppers, he has a hand above his head, an apparent sign of Last Rites. There are also countless lyrics that have been picked out by fans which they consider to be proof that McCartney had died long ago.

Theory: Nicki Minaj Is Jay-Z’s Alter Ego


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Hold on to your hats, because this conspiracy theory is wild. In some dark part of the Internet, a conspiracy has developed that Nicki Minaj is Jay-Z’s alter ego. However, her music and voice are sped up to hide his real voice.

There are numerous videos out there that show if you slow down Nicki Minaj’s music, it sounds sort of like Jay-Z. Furthermore, because Minaj’s third album is titled Pinkprint, people assume that it’s a clue given to fans since Jay-Z had a string of albums called The Blueprint. This is a long shot but goes to show what some people will do to prove a conspiracy.

Theory: The C.I.A. Had John Lennon Killed


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Some people refuse to believe that the murder of John Lennon by Mark David Chapman was done by Chapman acting alone. Conspiracy theorists have concluded that Mark David Chapman was a tool used by the have him assassinated without drawing any attention to the American government.

People believe that the government hired Chapman to kill Lennon. They claimed that the government wanted to get rid of Lennon because of the movement he was starting surrounding his anti-capitalistic and anti-war preachings. They felt his following was too big and wanted him silenced.

Theory: Michael Jackson’s Death Was Orchestrated to Cover Up the Iranian Revolution


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While most people can agree that Michael Jackson is dead, not everyone agrees on how he died. The majority of the public believes that he died in an accidental drug overdose. Nevertheless, there are others who think that his death was the result of the Iranian Government attempting to divert Western media’s attention from the Iranian Revolution in 2009.

The Iranian government even attempted to block news coverage of the revolution to prevent the information from being released to the rest of the world. This failed because of social media. However, during that time, in the United States, people were glued to their TVs following the events of Michael Jackson’s death, not the Iranian Revolution.

Theory: Beyonce Was Never Pregnant


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The world went wild after Beyonce revealed that she was pregnant by rubbing her baby bump on stage at the 2011 MTV Music Awards. Of, course, it also rose suspicion. People were quick to conspire that Beyonce wasn’t pregnant and used a surrogate for her first child Blue Ivy Carter.

People claim that there weren’t any visible signs of her pregnancy and that she was using a prosthetic pregnancy belly after it seemed to fold over itself in an interview. Then, to clear up any misconceptions, she provided footage of her naked belly to the public although some remained unconvinced.

Theory: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz


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There’ve been rumors going around for decades that Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album perfectly syncs up with the visuals of The Wizard of Oz if started at a certain point. People claim that it’s one long music video for the album with the lyrics and tempos of the songs aligning with the action and plot of the film.

While some have done it and agreed, Pink Floyd’s sound engineer Alan Parson’s denied that it was ever their intention and called it, “a complete load of eyewash” in an interview with Rolling Stone. Yet, even Parson’s denial of any similarities is brushed off by firm believers in the theory.

Theory: Lorde Is Lying About Her Age


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It’s no secret that people were pretty confused when they first heard how old Lorde is after seeing her. She looks a lot older than 21 years old and also seems to be incredibly mature. However, most of us were able to shrug our shoulders and move on without thinking about it again.

But this, of course, riled up the conspiracy theorists. Some people believe that Lorde is much older than she is and is trying to sell herself as a young musician for extra attention. People claim that her sound is too well-developed and that her birth certificate somehow looks tampered with for her to be so young.

Theory: Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind


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We’re not sure how much lower than this you can go, but apparently, there’s a following of people that believe Stevie Wonder has been pretending to be blind for the last six decades. Some people refuse to believe that he’s as gifted as he is and that he needed some scandal to reach the success he has.

The evidence that people have come forward with include that he likes to go to basketball games, he has an interest in photography, and that he once caught a falling mic stand. Apparently, blind people aren’t allowed to do anything that ordinary people like to do without being called out for not being blind. Makes sense.

Theory: Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain


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Even though Kurt Cobain has been dead for decades and his death was ruled a suicide, some Nirvana fans are not convinced. They believe that Courtney Love is responsible for Cobain’s untimely death and murdered him in cold blood.

However, no evidence has been found to support this theory except that conspiracy theorists believe information is being withheld by the Seattle Police. In addition, Courtney and Kurt’s daughter Francis Bean believes that any more information provided by the police would only encourage fanatics and conspirators in a futile struggle to prove it was Courtney.

Theory: The FBI Killed Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls


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After East Coast rapper Biggie Smalls was killed in a drive-by just six months after West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur died the same way, people began to raise their eyebrows. It was also a mystery to fans that both murders remain open cases today. So, two days after the rappers’ deaths, people then began to look at the FBI as suspects of their murders.

During the time of their murders, Biggie and Tupac were in the middle of an East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry, and it was assumed that the FBI took them both out to try and put an end to the controversy and attempt to hurt rap culture. Furthermore, in John Potash’s book “The FBI War on Tupac and Black Leaders,” it appears as though Tupac was under surveillance by the FBI before his death.

Theory: Britney Spears Was Hired By The Bush Administration


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According to some conspiracy theorists, Britney Spears’ celebrity status and all of her meltdowns were carefully orchestrated by the Bush administration. People believe that she was being paid by the Bush administration to make national headlines for her antics to take away from the negative reporting surrounding Bush and his administration.

Things such as her breakup with Kevin Federline and her other craziness all seemed to line up a little too well with things that were going on within the United States government at the time. For conspiracists, this obviously means that she was involved.

Theory: Gucci Mane Is A Government Clone


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After Gucci Mane was released from jail in 2016, there were a few things that people noticed about his appearance. He was far skinnier than he ever had been and the ice cream tattoo on his face was barely visible. Of course, this was suspicious for some people, who declared that something had happened to the real Gucci Mane.

They wanted the old Gucci Mane back and claimed that the new Gucci Mane was a clone. Surprisingly, the CIA commented on the conspiracy saying that they weren’t even going to discuss whether Gucci was a clone or not because it was such a waste of time. However, Gucci went on Snapchat saying, “I wouldn’t support nor deny those accusations.”

Theory: Tupac Is Still Alive


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Like other musicians whose fans refuse to believe are dead, Tupac is another one on that list. His followers believe that he survived the drive-by shooting that apparently killed him in Las Vegas. Since then, he’s been living life underground away from the public eye.

Much like Elvis Presley, many people have claimed to see him alive and well. People say that those weren’t Tupac’s ashes and that the autopsy misrecorded his height and weight which people found suspicious. There’s also a rumor that he’s been living out his life in Cuba along with other famed ‘dead” celebrities.

Theory: Kris Kristofferson Is Part Of The Reptilian Elite


Photo Credits: L. Busacca/WireImage for Songwriter’s Hall of Fame

In 1999, English reporter and conspiracy theorist David Icke came out with his book “The Biggest Secret.” His book claimed that all of the world’s biggest celebrities, politicians, and world leaders are part of a highly-developed race of reptilian aliens known as the Babylonian Brotherhood.

Icke claims that they’ve been on our planet for thousands of years with the ability to shapeshift and trick humans into giving them their power. People such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II, Oprah Winfrey and even musician Kris Kristofferson are accused of being lizards. We’re not sure why Kristofferson has been targeted as a lizard, but we now know not to take any chances with him.