STACEY Delivers A Hazy Cover Of Spice Girls’ “2 Become 1”: Premiere

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STACEY caught everyone’s attention with her sophomore EP, First Move, last summer and now she’s back with a rather unexpected cover. The Toronto-based singer/songwriter puts a hazy, psychedelic spin on the Spice Girls’ classic ballad, “2 Become 1.” Why that song? “The Spice Girls were my earliest introduction to pop music,” she explains. “It was the first time I became a devoted fan of a musical act — I had Spice Girls postcards, stickers, you name it. To be an adult woman and musician now, covering this song some 20 years later, is a really fun full circle moment for me.”

“I chose to cover ‘2 Become 1’ because it’s undeniably gorgeous, especially melodically and structurally,” STACEY continues. “I wanted to bring it into a more psychedelic space since a lot of the lyrics feel reminiscent of the ’60s peace and love era. The production north star was ‘Tame Impala Del Rey flower-child.'” Of course, she’s referring to Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala and Lana Del Rey. We’re excited to premiere the newcomer’s dreamy Spice Girls cover below.

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