Dual Stories Unfold In SYML’s Symbolic “Clean Eyes” Video

Mike Wass | November 7, 2018 1:00 pm
The Drop: MØ & SYML
Your guide to New Music Friday featuring gems from MØ and SYML.

SYML (real name Brian Fennell) has been steadily building a following with sparse, stripped-back songs like “Where’s My Love?” and the murky, beat-driven “WDWGILY.” Which makes “Clean Eyes” something of a surprise. Sounding like the best song The Killers never released, the Seattle native’s latest single is an upbeat synth-pop track with an anthemic chorus. “I wrote [it] as an outlet to express my least favorite thing about myself, that I’m a cynic,” he reveals. “I think that is one of the most ugly traits a person can have.”

“Somehow, I found someone who loves me through my cynicism, and shows me the world through her beautiful and honest lens.” That sentiment is echoed in the video, which depicts two different narratives via split-screen. “The double real-time experience in ‘Clean Eyes’ represents one man’s effort to find a new way of seeing the world,” director Gavin Michael Booth explains. “Sometimes to find new perspective, we must loose our vision first.” Check out the visual and get acquainted with one of 2018’s best pop songs below.

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